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    missing SATA driver with Installing Windows 7 Pro on Intel Server Board S5500BC




      I have started installing Win 7Pro when it got to the point where it asked for a driver for storage device, I searched the Intel support site and found S5500 Based Server AHCI SATA Storage Driver for Windows, downloaded the

      File name:

      RST_9.6.4.1002_Win_drivers_and_utils.zip, unzipped it , choose "Intel® ICH10R SATA AHCI Controller" but I  got a blank screen, why?



      I checked the motherboard BIOS selected AHCI for  MASS Storage Device then browse for driver again this time it picked  ICH10R SATA AHCI Controller however it still won't install Windows 7. Anyone have this problem before ? I setting the machine up with one hard disk and one DVD ROM only.  Where is the correct SATA driver for this motherboard?