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    Could not uninstall IRST: "There is a pending reboot for this product."




      I just bought myself a new DOS laptop a month ago. I installed Windows 8.1, and also installed all drivers (and its software) that came from laptop's manufacturer. One of them is IRST.


      Unfortunately, I wasn't aware that the drivers they offered on DVD are for Windows 8. I accidentally installed older version of IRST (, which I learned not officially support Windows 8.1 (https://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?DwnldID=22676).


      I wanted to uninstall it, and maybe install the latest version. But the uninstaller always fails, and just showing a message: "There is a pending reboot for this product". Of course this statement was incorrect since I have used this laptop for a month, and restarted it a lot of times before. I tried to run the uninstaller from DVD setup file (SetupRST.exe), or directly run setup for latest version; still got the same message.


      Is there a way, maybe, to bypass the "reboot-check mechanism" so I could fully uninstall IRST?


      Thank you,



      Edited: Change "program" to "product".