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    DB85FL support for i7-4790



      We have a large quantity of DB85FL mainboards in stock & can no longer get the i7-4770 CPU.

      I have read some discussion about BIOS updates for the Haswell refresh CPUs, but the Intel CPU compatability list still doesn't include the new i7-4790.

      I have noticed that the BIOS has just been updated last week (24th May 2014) for this board and it mentions "updated processor support":

      Download Center

      Can anyone confirm that the i7-4790 will now work with this board with last weeks BIOS update?



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          Hello Gary, thanks for contacting us through the Intel Communities.


          Since Intel is ramping down the motherboard business there is no plans of adding support for newer processors to the current line of boards. For new processors compatibility we recommend customers to try looking for third party manufacturers such as ASUS, MSI, Giga-Byte or the one of you prefer.


          In your case since you already have the motherboards, I could ask if there is a way to sell you the i7-4770 processor.


          Let me check on this and if it is possible I will send you a private message requesting your basic information.



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            As a loyal Intel reseller for over 30 years, I find it really disappointing that Intel is supporting a current processor on a current motherboard!

            Yes, I realise you are ramping down production, but distibutors still have these motherboards in stock & wont have a CPU that works to sell.

            Even the old i7-3770 (socket 1155) are still available, so I'm not sure why you would withdraw the only standard i7 CPU that would work with your currently stocked motherboard.

            Aside from this, all other vendors seem to be able to add support by a simple BIOS upgrade - surely this would be a simple solution!

            You have just released (in the last few days) a new BIOS that says "updated processor support" - what does this mean if it is not refering to the new Haswell refresh CPUs?

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              Gary.F, I understand your point and I apologize for the inconvenience.

              I would like to tell you that the I7-4470 processor is still on production. If you want you can provide me your location and I can try to find information on which Authorized Distributors have this specific processor.

              In regards to the "Updated processor support" means that the BIOS update you are using has a microcode update for the processor installed on your system. It does not change the official supported processor list or similar.

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                Hi Sylvia,

                I am located in Australia & all distributors say the i7-4770 is no longer available.

                Whilst I would be interested to know of distributors that will still stock this product, I am prepared to wait if Intel will be releasing a new BIOS shortly.


                The "updated processor support" is nothing to do with my system - this is mentioned on the Intel website (see link in my first message above) for a BIOS that was released one week ago.

                I presume this means that Intel has just released a BIOS which does support the new Haswell Refresh processor.

                I would appreciate if you could check with the technical team details about this new BIOS to confirm this.

                Thanks, Gary.

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                  Gary, I’ve been checking with the Engineer Department and this is the response from them:

                  The Micro code update released on BIOS Version 125 specifically supports the processors that are officially listed at this URL http://processormatch.intel.com/Processors/CompatibleProcessors?componentName=DB85FL


                  If the processor i7-4790 is not available on that particular list, I regret to inform you that it has not been officially tested or is not compatible with your board model Db85FL.


                  The following URL will show you the Intel Authorized Distributor located in your country.    https://www-ssl.intel.com/p/en_XA/techprovider/buying/IAD

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                    Hi Sylvia,


                    Thank you for your explanation.


                    I have contacted all of these distribtors in Australia & they no longer stock the i7-4770 and say it is obsolete.

                    Personally I find it unbeleivable that a large company such as Intel can treat its loyal resellers in this manner.

                    How can a currently stocked motherboard not have any i7 CPU available and there be no plans to do a BIOS modification to support the currently available CPU to match this board?


                    Please advise what options we have to use the large amount of boards we have purchased.


                    Thanks, Gary.

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                      this is a bad joke from Intel.

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                        There are two solutions to this issue:


                        1)  Ask the Australian distributors to get stock of the i7-4770


                        2)  Update your BIOS to support the current CPU on this current motherboard


                        I would apprecaite it if you can follow this up for us.


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                          Let me check with higher management, since we haven’t received news about this CPU being obsolete.

                          This processor was launch on the 2nd quarter of 2013. It is still in production.


                          How many boards do you have?

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                            We will probably have around 30 boards.

                            I presume the distributors are no longer stocking the i7-4770 because the i7-4790 is faster & cheaper!!  (oh yes - and it appears that they will work with all mainboard manufacturers motherboards after a BIOS upgrade; EXCEPT Intel!!).

                            As a very loyal Intel customer since the IBM XT 8088, perhaps you can see my frustration here!

                            I appreciate you looking into this for us.


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                              Yes Sir, we are working on this.

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                                Hi Sylvia,

                                Just checking if you have any solutions for us on this matter?

                                Thanks, Gary.

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                                  Ziad Aghar

                                  Not to dwell on it lol but, Intel dropped the same ball on us all x79 users

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                                    Gary.F,  I sent you a private message. 



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