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    Intel Server Board S2600GZ (Server System R1208GL4DS) & Memory




      I've just buy Server Intel R1208GL4DS with two Xeon E5-2620v2 and installed 8 x Crucial 8192Mb DDR3 1600MHz ECC Reg modules (CT8G3ERSLD4160B).

      It wont start in spite of all green leds tell me that all is OK.

      I've read instruction and found that S2600GZ Server Board is not support 1600MHz low voltage (1.35v) modules.

      After it I've tried to install ordinary DDR3 DIMMs (no ECC, no Reg). Result is the same.


      The question is: server wont start because these types of DIMMs are not supported? Or possible it is something wrong Server Board or CPU?

      I'm asking because it will take a very lot of time for me to change DIMMs or/and Board to another.


      Signs are:

      - three green leds are lighting (System Status LED, 12 Volt Stand-By Present LED, System Power Good LED),

      - no any leds are lighting, 

      - "No signal" monitor screen,

      - fans are rotating,

      - keyboard "Num lock" not changing.


      Any help are highly appreciated!


      With best wishes,