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    DH87RL - fan control does not work


      Hi, there,


      I've built a new system with above mentioned board. Most of the things are doing well, except the control for rear and front fan:


      The CPU fan speed is around 557 rpm (with idle Windows desktop) - it will raise, if there's something to do for the cpu

      The rear and front fan display switches between approx. 800 and 20.000 rpm - the fans itself turning silently at very low speed (even if there's cpu load)

      The fans are connected with 3 pins.



      Board Model: DH87RL

      Board Version: AAG74240-403

      BIOS-Version: RLH8710H.86A.0325.2014.0417.1800


      Any ideas whats going wrong here?






      Edit: For testing purposes, I've put an old 4-pin-fan in, and it works like a charm - maybe the front/rear fans have to have a 4-pin connector, too?