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    Improving Galileo SPI performance? - SPI.transfer/SPI.transferBuffer


      Much of what I understand so far come from this posting: what's the max speed of galileo SPI ?


      I was working on using this shield to play MP3s on the Galileo.  I was successful using the code from the Galileo Sample Sequencer (Code Here) and using the Galileo's SD slot, not the shield's.


      What I found was that small MP3s played just fine, however, larger MP3s, such as songs, played poorly.  It sounded as though only small chunks of the song were playing.  After learning that the SPI.transfer and SPI.transferBuffer functions were the problem (they are very slow), I found that increasing the buffer size improved sound quality greatly, but I never got a perfect result.


      Has anyone found a way to improve the transfer calls or a workaround to improve performance? Why might these function calls be slow?