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    Power dissipation of core i3 370m




      I'm an engineer student and I had to estimate the power dissipation of the processor in the title. I know that tis power has two aspects, static and dynamic power.

      Transistors in processor are modelised by capacitor, and I consider that all transistors are switching in same time.

      So, if my frequency is f, the dynamic power is P = 1/2.n.C.f.U², n is the number of transistors, C the capacity of the transistor and U the supply voltage.


      About static power, P = Icc.Vcc.


      But, my transistor is consider as capacitor plan so C = epsilon.surface/insulating thickness.


      I can't find this surface, there is no information on datasheets. Maybe someone knows how to find this capacity ?

      Or calculate power dissipation without C ?