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    Unknown issue with Mobile Intel(R) HD Graphics



      I am certain that I am having an issue with my graphics driver. Before I start, I want to note that the driver is up-to-date and Device Manager is stating it's working properly. For a while, I had been having issues with a list of things, such as: Google Chrome freezing; Battlefield 4 failing to launch properly (Flickering black screen at start-up, before going completely black); Windows Media Player stopped responding every time I opened it as well as other issues, mainly with games.

      Suddenly, all of these issues stopped one day and I had no idea why (Which I was happy about). A couple of days later an unrelated reason, I was checking Device Manager and I saw that my Mobile Intel(R) HD Graphics Driver had a little yellow triangle next to it; it was malfunctioning. I repaired it by uninstalling and reinstalling it, got it working properly, and then all the problems came back.

      I'm wondering if the issue actually is my Graphics Driver, and if there is a way to get all of my software working properly again. Any help would be appreciated.