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    D54250WYK2 Wake on LAN issue



      I have enabled WOL feature in BIOS on my D54250WYK, but it's not working....

      Any ideas why?  ;>

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          I had wake-on-lan working on my D54259WYK.  However, it was not through wifi but wired. In that case it was straightforward. Have you enabled wol in the wired NIC?

          Wireless wol with the NUC from S4 or S5  is not practical. I faked it by going through a wifi-to-Ethernet adapter, and, thereby, using the wired connection to the NUC.


          I am currently trying to get wake-on-wan working, and that is a complicated issue.  WINTEL plus most router manufacturers try to block wow.  To circumvent them I have changed the firmware in a router to Openwrt so that I can get access to everything in it.  I should then be able to make wow work.  We will see.

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            To be more precise:

            1. We're using D54250WYK2 with Windows 8.1 Pro x86 and wired Cat.6 SFTP cable.

            2. We're sending WoL packet from inside LAN so it's for sure not router issue.

            3. We're using Cisco SG200-26P switches. All computers are in the same VLAN.

            4. Everything was ok with Dell D745/755 workstations. NUC'es has replaced old OptiPlex but... WOL won't work

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              I am not from Intel and I don't use WOL, but regarding #1...

              Can you go to Windows 8.1 Control Panel - Network and Internet - Network Connections, then right click on your Ethernet, choose Properties, and then click Configure button?  On the Power Management tab, does it have checkmark in the box for Allow this device to wake computer?  If not, click to add that checkmark and press OK.  In other words a BIOS setting may not be enough for Windows.

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                I've checked all combinations of these check-boxes... But with no luck.

                PS. Can someone explain me "Wake on LAN" (WOL) behavior in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 ?

                I've always thought that WOL is OS independent :O

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                  I can just confirm, that WoL is working just fine on D54250WYK. I even managed to get Wake on WAN working with unmodified Linksys firmware, that doesn't support it.

                  A tool I've found most useful, when I tried different scenarious was Depicus Wake on Lan Monitor.