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    Galileo hangs when trying to boot from SD Card




      I've inserted an SD card (tried 2GB and 8GB) into the galileo with LINUX_IMAGE_FOR_SD_Intel_Galileo_v1.0.0.7z extracted to the root of the SD card. I'm using a mac and formatted the SD cards to MS-DOS(FAT) with an MBR set in the disk utility options.


      When the Galileo powers up the last message it recieves through UART is:


      # strings -n 16 '/p/clanton/swbuilds/EDK2/edk2_gcc_CP_00388/ClantonPeakCRBPlatform/RELEASE_GCC/FV/FlashModules/EDKII_BOOT_STAGE1_IMAGE1.Fv' | grep -i 'clanton.*version' | head | unix2dos

      # Clanton RomCode Version

      # Clanton Microcode Version a0_1_00_23

      [Linux-EFI, setup=0x10d5, size=0x1de3d0]

      [Initrd, addr=0xd9a0000, size=0x19e086]


      and then it stops. I've removed the PCI-E card and it still happens. I think it may be due to the boards firmware. I'm running 1.5.3 software on the mac and when I choose the upgrade firmware option it says I have the latest, saying the target firmware is 782. I've seen screenshots of other users saying it's 1.0.0 but am not sure how to change it to 1.0.0 if that will fix the problem.


      Though I haven't done much with the board it uploads sketches fine with the mac software and I can login to clanton via the UART.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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          Can you confirm something...

          You say you extracted the image to the root of the card, but that's not normally how you get the image onto the SD Card.

          The image file contains a complete image of the file system for the SD Card, it is not just a file to be copied to a card with an existing file system.

          It's a bit hard to explain, but basically the image file contains all the internal gubbins of a complete file system, not just the files themselves.


          So you need to 'burn' the image to card.

          On Linux, Unix and Mac OS X this is easy, you use the 'dd' command.

          On windows it's a bit more tricky - you need to use some software that can 'burn' SD cards from raw-image files.


          What OS do you have on your PC?

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            HI MeatPlatter,


            You are using the old version of the IDE which includes firmware 782. Please download the new version of the IDE which will include version 1.0.0. You can find it here:Software Downloads - Drivers. Notice they use the same version number. 1.5.3. Also take a look at this post, problem about galileo booting from sd card. It stops booting at the same message as yours.




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              Sorry - just realised that you already stated that you are using a mac!


              In that case, to 'burn' the image to the SD Card you'd do the following:


              Insert the SD Card into the card reader slot. If it mounts and appears on the desktop 'eject' it.

              Now, open a terminal window.



              diskutil list


              This will give you a list of all the attached drives (including the SD Card, even though it is now unmounted).

              Take a note of the correct card - you can tell by it's size and contents as listed in the output from diskutil. On my system it was "/dev/disk1"


              Now move to the directory where your image file is, and type:


              dd if=<image_file_name> of="/dev/diskxx" bs=8m

              Where /dev/diskxx is the correct path to your SD Card, and <image_file_name> is the name of the Galileo image file you unzipped from the 7z file.

              This will burn the image to the SD Card. It may take an hour or more.

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                Hi SpiderKenny,


                I was following this blog post marxy's musing on technology: First look at the Intel Galileo embedded linux board which said to run:


                7z x LINUX_IMAGE_FOR_SD_Intel_Galileo_v1.0.0.7z -o/Volumes/BOOT


                doing ls -l of /Volumes/BOOT gives what looks like the correct directory structure:


                total 622136

                drwxrwxrwx  1 meatplatter  staff       4096 19 May 19:33 boot

                -rwxrwxrwx  1 meatplatter  staff    1974224 14 May 23:38 bzImage

                -rwxrwxrwx  1 meatplatter  staff    1695878 14 May 23:38 core-image-minimal-initramfs-clanton.cpio.gz

                -rwxrwxrwx  1 meatplatter  staff     279670 14 May 23:38 grub.efi

                -rwxrwxrwx  1 meatplatter  staff  314572800 14 May 23:38 image-full-galileo-clanton.ext3


                I'm running on a mac (my PC is in bits). Do I need to use the dd command instead? I thought I'd need a proper disk image for that rather than the zip Intel provides.





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                  Thanks Jesus! The support here is very fast!


                  I only got my galileo a few weeks ago and I must have downloaded an older version of 1.5.3 from somewhere. I'll know not to trust version numbers next time

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                    Ah yes - sorry for the confusion - that is correct, these files can be copied to the root of an SD Card.