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    When exactly Intel Turboboost is deactivated in my i7-4700MQ?


      Hi, I have a Windows 8.1 x64 laptop, the Lenovo Y510P, with processor i7-4700MQ. The base freq. is 2.4GHz, but with Intel Turboboost it can reach 3.4GHz. My question is: when Intel Turboboost gets deactivated?


      Is it something like "when it's hotter than 87ºC, it turns off"?


      Or is up to Lenovo or the companie's laptop, that set their own values (temp values?)?


      And a related question here:


      I know that the i7-4700MQ can work below 105ºC, but, what is the highest temperature it shouldn't pass to have a large life span? 90ºC?