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    Keyboard going to be supported?


      From the release notes "USB Device ports allows for serial (CDC) communications over USB. This provides a serial connection to the Serial Monitor or other applications on your computer. It also enables Galileo to act as a USB mouse or keyboard to an attached computer. To use these features, see the Mouse and Keyboard library reference pages".


      Is this going to be supported or somebody here able to use Galileo as a mouse/keyboard to attached computer?

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          well, I guess it's just a question on the kernel config. However, can you help me get the point - why would you want to connect via USB keyboard to a headless device?

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            As mhahn already stated, to support a Keyboard (USB or otherwise) it would also have to support a display.

            However, if you needed a keyboard for some other reason, say as a input device for something else like a security system or whatever, then there is no reason why you cannot access the USB Keyboard from your own linux code (not necessarily Arduino code).


            All USB keyboards are simple USB HID class devices, and I'm pretty sure you could access them directly from within your own code as input devices.

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              well, right - but needs to be configured. Not sure about Makki's kernel config. Just checked mine I'm currently working on which explicitly wouldn't support USB keyboards


              # CONFIG_INPUT_KEYBOARD is not set

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                mhahn and SpiderKenny, i was thinking of using Galileo for sensing inputs then controlling an already existing application in a PC (which are expecting keyboard commands).  So I'm not trying to access a keyboard connected to Galileo, I'm trying to make it act like one.


                Makey-makey comes to mind to what i want to do.

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                  Bluetooth A/V remote control should work. Not sure about USB

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                    Ahh I see :-)

                    Well the Galileo has a USB Client port, which is what you'd need to connect to the PC, however it's configured by default as  CDC Communications class device, you would need to figure out how to reconfigure the port as a USB HID device.

                    Or as @mhahn says you could use a bluetooth adapter and send keyboard commands that way, if your PC supports bluetooth.

                    Other alternatives would include some kind of serial connection to the PC through the USB Client port or 3.5mm Jack, or pins 0 and 1 of the arduino header, and then some software on the PC to accept serial bytes as keyboard input.

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                      I'm wanted to bump this and see if anyone has had any luck. I found the right module, g_hid (usb gadget hid).


                      Kernel config options:





                      But there is still some further steps that I'm not quite sure of, I have an discussion open on this here:

                      Re: Enabling USB HID Gadget Support


                      Let's get keyboard support working!