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    Intel HD 4600 graphics over scaling and blurriness at 1080p


      This could be a long question so I ask you to bear with me


      I recently built my new rig with an Intel i5 4670 and for now am using the Intel HD 4600 integrated graphics. I finally got round to setting up my 28" HDTV via HDMI from a Gigabyte D85M-D3H motherboard as a second monitor (my main monitor is a 19" HDTV connected via VGA which works perfectly)


      The problem is that on the 28" HDMI monitor not only is there severe over scaling issues but all the text is extremely blurry to the point where im struggling to read it. I can fix the over scaling with the Intel HD graphics menu but the blurriness remains. The 28" is set to 1920x1080 which is its native resolution. I also tried the 19" with a HDMI cable the the problem carried over which makes me think it is either a problem with the 4600 or the HDMI cable I brought.


      I've been looking for the whole afternoon and have yet to find a fix that works for me  so any help is very appreciated! thanks