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      So I am trying to disable triple buffering on my Intel HD 4000 for a game, but I have no idea how to go along with this. I only have the intel hd graphics control panel, not the intel graphics and media control panel. Or the intel graphics media  accelerator driver.


      Any help would be appreciated.

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            is this the right place to get support?

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              Have the same problem, please answer the question?
              What kind of service is this?
              Saw alot of questions about the same problem unanswered.
              Very disapointed about intel and the service here

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                Hello Loltrain, I’m sorry for the delay answering your post.

                I would need to inform you that triple buffering can be turned on in the graphics or video options of many games. There are no driver settings to change in order to enable or disable this feature.


                The Intel DH Graphics control panel does not have an option to disable triple buffering. I suggest you to contact the game developer and ask if they have this option available.

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                  Older systems supported this really well... They had really good control panels and options sections.

                  Why improved new graphics comes with a control panel that has no Advanced Options?


                  Just some questions,

                  Do you (INTEL) think that we, intel users are kids?

                  And we do not deserve a proper settings section? 

                  Should all pros swutch to AMD or nVidia graphics?


                  Asking game developers is not a solution. Most will say that do it from your graphics control panel, since AMD and nVidia supports it, and intel used to support it...


                  I hope Intel would release a better Control Panel with Advanced Options.... Like they used to!