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    Intel HD (Haswell) driver sharpness ?




      I just installed a Intel Celeron G1820 in a HTPC.

      I just was wondering abut why there is no option for adjusting the sharpness oder crispness of videos ?

      I can adjust saturation, contrast and such things, but no sharpness like in the drivers of Nvidia or AMD ?


      Is there a chance to get this option in future driver updates ?


      Thanks for help !

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          Thank you for this great suggestion.

          I will make sure it reaches the correct department.

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            Sharpness is available as a video enhancement option - it is accessible under the Intel HD Graphics control panel.  Select Video icon, then select down arrow next to the word Video;  select Image Enhancement from the menu; Select Basic... Sharpness is there with following choices:

            - Application Settings (lets video player control how much sharpness to apply) - typically the video player (or video editor app) will offer user a slider where they can control the amount of sharpness

            - Driver Automatic Settings (driver selects how much sharpness to apply)

            - Driver Custom Settings - shows slider where user can control the amount of sharpness



            Note that many image enhancement features are part of the Intel Clear Video feature set and are only available on Core i3, i5, i7 and are not available on Pentium/Celeron.  I believe that Sharpness may be one of those options.