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    NUC with Creative Gigaworks T20 Speakers


      I have a NUC D54250WYK and would like to buy some Creative Gigaworks T20 speakers for it.


      Can anyone confirm whether this combination will/won't work.


      If it won't work, is there a workaround?


      I did ask Creative the question, but received back the following inconclusive reply.......


      "With regards to your enquiry, if I'm not mistaken, your Intel NUC system comes with a Headphone/mic jack which should be a 3.5mm 4-pole jack.


      While the 3.5mm Aux in and RCA Line in (bundled RCA to 3.5mm adapter) on Gigaworks T20 series II, both are 3-pole jacks.


      As such I could not determine if the cables bundled with our speaker work on your NUC system, as it is a third party product that we could not test."

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          I've got the T40 Generation 2 speakers, and currently planning on using it via a pass-through on my AOC monitor. That is, the AOC has an HDMI input jack, and a 3.5mm audio-out jack (the latter to which I'll be connecting the T40). Can't test it at the moment as I'm still waiting on some parts for the NUC, but will give you an update once I've set everything up (mid-next week I hope). I have the D54250WYKH.


          Saying the above, there are two standards / versions of the 4-pole 3.5mm jack, referred to CTIA and OMTP. The difference between the two is the location of the ground-band, and unfortunately cables / earphones with one standard is not compatible with the other (though standard 3-pole connectors work fine on both types of jacks).
          - OMTP is regarded to be an older standard. Earphones / headphones with the 4-pole arrangement in this standard will NOT work with standard 3-pole jacks.
          - CTIA is a more recent standard, and earphones / headphones with this standard WILL work on standard 3-pole jacks.


          When I say standard 3-pole 3.5mm jacks I'm referring to things like MP3 players of yesteryear and the likes. Recent phones which have 3.5mm jacks make use of the CTIA (the 4th band used for the microphone on handsfree kits). Examples include the iPhone and newer Sony phones.


          The NUC makes use of a 4-pole arrangement jack at the front because that jack supports audio-out and microphone in (for use with Skyping etc).  But I couldn't find anything regarding the front jack and the standard it is using. Hopefully a mod is able to clarify.


          I would relatively confidently assume that any 3-pole connector (ie, that of a T20) will work with the NUC's front jack. I say this because 3-pole connectors are generally guaranteed to work with either OMTP and CTIA jacks. Though I wouldn't know exactly myself till I get my build off the ground. But yeah.


          Hopefully the above helps.

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            Thanks for the reply.....your words fill me with hope that it will work.....


            Anyway, I decided to take a chance, so I've ordered a T20 set......should be with me Monday or Tuesday.


            So my next post will settle the question........

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              Bad News....T20's arrived today.......don't work.......gutted


              Can't believe there isn't a workround for this problem


              Anyone got any ideas?

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                Argh that sucks. And strangely, quite interesting... Things to try:
                1). Have you tried connecting a pair of earphones / headphones to the front jack? Still a no-go?
                2). You tried your T20 with something else I assume (to rule out the T20 is faulty; I doubt it, but to be sure)
                3). Have you tried the T20's front AUX input as well? (again, to rule things out).
                4). Audio settings in the OS. If you're using Windows, go to the Control Panel, then Sound.
                4a). In the small-ish settings window that pops up, there should be two audio devices showing (one should be HDMI, the other, assuming the 3.5mm cable is plugged in, the front jack).
                5). Right-click the device you want and make it the 'default', click OK, and see if that works (may require a reboot).


                Yeah. I recall reading elsewhere that when one plugs in something in the front jack the NUC switches the audio output (from HDMI) to the jack automatically. The above just manually forces the change provided the audio jack at the front is populated. Hopefully it works out.


                What sort of setup are you going for with your NUC? As mentioned previously, I'm planning on running mine with an AOC display which has an audio pass-through. I've used this setup with a PS3 and a Vaio Z and my T40ii worked fine.

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                  Page 26 of the Technical Product Specification has more information on the front panel audio jack.


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                    Just had a look through the document (more specifically, page 26). That confirms that the NUC uses the CTIA standard.  If anything, the difference between CTIA and OMTP is the analog-in and ground bands are switched around.

                    Which brings me to my next point; Billbruen did you manage to get your T20 going? I'm still waiting on parts so still gotten nowhere in assembling my NUC...

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                      Sorry for the delay in replying.....you are not forgotten!


                      I had been holding back a reply in the hope of giving you some good news, but no such luck I'm sorry to say.


                      To answer your questions:


                      1) Did try connecting headphones....nothing

                      2) T20 works fine with my Dell laptop

                      3) Did try T20 front Aux and Headphone sockets......nothing

                      (4) (4a) No matter where I plug stuff into, there is only one device showing in my Windows 'Sound' window.......'Digital Audio (HDMI)  High Definition Audio Device  Default Device'

                      Have played around with 'Configure' options and 'Properties' without success.

                      5) As explained above, only one Device displayed.


                      By the way, nothing that I've plugged into the front jack has disabled the HDMI audio output.


                      To update the saga, I tried Creative again and received a second, more positive reply (below):


                      "Thank you for writing in to Creative.


                      With regards to your enquiry, I have searched on the specs of the Intel NUC D54250WYKH's audio output. From what I understood, the output can be done in 3 ways:


                      1. DisplayPort 1.2 connector

                      2. HDMI 1.4a output

                      3. Headphone/Microphone jack


                      If you are using option 1 or 2, how is your connection look like?


                      If you are using option 3, since the headphone/microphone jack will be using a 4-pole jack-in, and the connector of the Gigaworks T20 Series II is a 3-pole, there will be compatibility issues. This is because jack-in connections involving different poles will have alignment issues.


                      To work around this, you will need to get a Audio Y Splitter Cable(3.5mm 4-Pole Male To 2xFemale). Here is an example:



                      Sounded very hopeful, so I got one of these:   3.5mm audio splitter, 4-pole plug to 3-pole jacks: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics


                      I was pretty certain this would crack the problem, as I'd had similar advice from a guy I was talking to on an XBMC Forum.


                      The splitter arrived today, but I can get no headphone or T20 output from it......and when plugged in, the splitter does not disable the HDMI sound. Gutted again!


                      So where to go? Is the splitter faulty? Is the front jack faulty? Is there something wrong with my NUC setup, drivers etc? Is there something in the Bios that needs changing?


                      Now I'm finding I can't get into Bios when booting up.......F2 not working...Oh Lord...

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                        Unfortunately the splitter would not have made a difference...Every smartphone on the market today with a 3.5mm jack makes use of a 4-pole setup. The iPhone being an example. Heck, some phones use 5-poles (the extra band being for noise cancelling processing). Yet you would've seen people using standard (no-mic) 3-pole earphones with the smartphones of today without issue.


                        Which leads me to think that there may be an issue with your NUC...


                        Though, some more points to consider:
                        1). Graphics drivers up-to-date? If memory serves correct that controls the audio out from the HDMI so maybe that will help.
                        2). Is your BIOS version up-to-date? v0026 is the latest from what I've read.
                        3). Regarding no-access to BIOS; are you using a wireless keyboard setup? As I understand it you need a wired keyboard to access that interface.


                        Yeah. Not the ideal reply but it doesn't sound too good. Hopefully I'm proven wrong though.


                        Either way, I think it may be time for an Intel admin to take over; the above suggestions aside, I'm personally a little lost too >__<

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                          Well, I've addressed your points:


                          1)  I've updated all my drivers using Intels online analysis tool.

                          2) I've updated to the latest Bios 0026.......this did fix the 'unable to enter Bios setup with F2 issue'.

                          3) I did try using a wired USB keyboard, before updating the Bios.......without success......I had been using a Logitech wireless keyboard.


                          I've reread all your earlier comments. My summary of them is that, there is no reason the T20's should not work with this NUC.


                          This leads us to the conclusion that maybe the front jack on the NUC is faulty. I don't know how to test this, so, unless an Intel person comes up with some helpful advice shortly, I'm going to send my NUC back to the Vendor. I think I've put in a fair effort trying to get this setup working and now, I'm fed up.

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                            Previous troubleshooting steps are fine but, did you verify if the audio is enabled in BIOS? Please go to Advanced, Devices, Onboard Devices.

                            Now, In Windows* (8.1) the Sound properties should look like this:

                            DSC_0050r.jpg At this moment I have some 3-pole earphones connected and they are working properly. The TV (VT2430) is connected via HDMI.

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                              Thanks for the suggestion. I can confirm Audio is enabled in the Bios.


                              What should happen when you plug something into the front jack?.......does it disable HDMI sound automatically?


                              My Windows 'Sound' window only shows my monitor in it......Acer 23" T232HL LED IPS Touch Screen: actually, this only appeared after the Bios update: previously it just said " Digital Audio (HDMI)  High Definition Audio Device  Default Device".


                              So the fact that you have 3 pole headphones working in your NUC, suggests to me that my front panel jack is faulty.


                              Would you agree?

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                                I decided I've done enough and should send my NUC back to my Vendor for checking.


                                Here's what the Vendor said:


                                "Sorry to hear about the problem. As far as we know the audio jack should work with any standard earphone or speaker jack. My colleague Ellen uses a NUC for her systems and she has her monitor speakers connected to the NUC using a standard 3 pole jack and it works perfectly. So I suspect that you may have a faulty audio jack."


                                I'm returning it tomorrow......will keep you in touch with developments.

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                                  What should happen when you plug something into the front jack?.......does it disable HDMI sound automatically?

                                  Yes, because the headphones become the default audio device (green check mark in picture above). I agree this issue seems to be hardware related. Please let us know about the outcome.

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                                    Sorry to hear that billbruen. As you say, keep us updated. And do hold onto the T20. They are pretty decent speakers...