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    pentium 4


      i have a dell dimension 4550 desk top computer, what pentium 4 processor should i use to replace the one i had? If more info is required let me know, thanks.

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          What P4 did you have in it and what happened to it ?..Or ya just looking to upgrade ?

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            Hello Bob W.

            Thanks for answering my question, here is the data that I have collected. If you need more information. Let me know, thanks.


            The processor has these specifications:

            L1 cache 8KB first level

            L2 cache intergrated 256KB or 512KB at full microprocessor speed

            My system chipset Intel 845PE

            DMA channels four

            System bios chip 4 Mb (512 KB)

            System clock 400 or 533Mhz data rate

            Architecture DDR SRAM

            The processor has these numbers and letters on the chip itself.


            SL6RZ COSTA RICA