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    DN2820FYKH - Can access F7 and F10 boot options but F2 goes to a black screen


      Hey everyone.  Just bought myself my first NUC and have been getting a lot of grief from it.


      Firstly the unit would not boot from my USB device at all.

      Tried the F2 option at boot - hung at NUC logo.

      Tried the F10 option at boot - hung at NUC logo.

      Finally tried F7 and yes a sign that the device is not actually dead.

      Updated from 0013 bios to 0034 bios and now the device boots from my USB.

      F7 still works correctly and now F10 option works correctly also, excellent.

      Unfortunately F2 now just goes to a black screen.


      Is this the same as some of the issues other people have been experiencing with the monitor not liking the resolution?  Does the fact that it is working in F7 option mean that the F2 should work or do they use different resolutions?


      Hope someone can help.