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    Can I disable dual channel memory in my  Chaintech V915P motherboard?  (915P chipset)


      I have a Chaintech V915P motherboard, that's an Intel 915P chipset board. It has the capacity for 4GB and this was a draw for me way back when I bought it new.


      However, I recently have purchased additional memory to total 4GB, that's two pair of matching 1GB sticks and I can't seem to get the system to read 4GB. I can only get 2.75GB indicated anywhere. I've tried a few permutations of arrangements in the memory slots and I've also tried removing one and adding 512 MB to see if that would change anything. It hasn't.  I know that you enable dual channel in this board by matching memory across the memory channels, but my hope is that I can do that with the memory set I have.


      I've considered that maybe all the memory has to be of a different type, but that's another expense and I'd like some assurance that this board will actually read 4GB. I looked for BIOS upgrades and it looks like I have the latest installed.


      Anybody have any experience with this? Is there a fix, or am I stuck?  Can I disable dual channel memory in my Chaintech V915P motherboard and get 4GB useful memory for my operating systems?