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    4770 k high temps


      Hi i have 4770 k with h80i ...Its the second one i have ...In the past few day i was having serious problems with the temperatures ....When i was rendering something in 3ds max temps was 80+c  instead of 60-65 that was before...i changed the cooler with a new one and with the stock same thing ....Because i have the exact same rig in home i switched cpu and again the same thing...this cpu never overclocked  in stock with turboboost have this temps....and the other 4770k i have oc in 4,4 ghz 70c maximum at render or IBT....what can i do?and how can i Rma it...what to tell to the shop i buy it...In idle i have 30c ....And today in render i have 50 yesterday was 80c...The day before yesterday idle temps was 50c...it doesnt seem normal to me

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          Hello mariosprob,


          I understand your processor may be having overheating problems but let me help you with that.


          It is important to say that the normal temperature of a processor is between 30c to 70C depending on what task you are doing. When rendering images, the CPU usage will be fully tested and it can reach temperatures up to 85c.


          If the processor reaches 92C or more that is considered overheating and it may be necessary to check the thermal paste, cooling solution and even the airflow inside the case. When the processor overpasses the 100c it will shut down the system automatically to avoid issues or damaging other components.


          We have software called Intel® Processor Diagnostic Tool that run a stress test and will diagnose all internal components of the processor reporting at the same time any issue with those components.


          You can run it and get it at the following link:


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            I run IPDT nothing came up...thermal paste is artic mx-4 cooling with h80i that i reseated many times...I have full tower with 3   230 mm fans 1 140 mm and 4 120 mm...All the other components inside the case are running from 30 -50 c...I  deactivate the turboboost now to reduce the temps but they reduced by 3-4c ...I am running in stock in 3,5 ghz with no turboboost and if i run IBT for 3 sec i am going to 95c......In render the same 80+...I know that intel dont sell overclocking processors , sell processors capable of overclocking...and it dont recomend it.But its inconceivable to pay 300 Euros to buy a decent processor for my job and i cant work like that...I dont want to overclock it i dont want to do experiments with it ...i just want to do my job...Intel sells a processot capable of overcloking than cant even handle turboboost or stock clocks...Well done...And the shop that i buy it here in greece recomends me to take my hole rig there so they can change the Bios settings for less voltages or downclock it to reduce temps...Instead of taking back this defective piece...because intel  says that if cpu works in stock with less tha 95c its ok...For how long???i have the cpu for a month and now i have to give my hole rig and be unable to work...If Intel was right those not so good batches would have not been for sale....ok sorry for this but i am desperate..cause i spend 500Euro for cpu and motherboard...and i cant work....OK...For the rendering i must tell that i am rendering the same animation now that i was rendering a month ago....now with 80+ c instead of 60-65 c...But yesterday those temps was 60-65c...its not stable some times temps are high sometimes not......My office  is air conditioned in 20c all day...My specs are : motherboard...z87 mpower - ram 4x4 kingston hyperx blu 1600ghz -gpu gigabyte 780  psu corsair gs 800...Thanks for the reply...i have to mention that everytime i have a problem and write in this forum everytime i get a helpfull answer!!

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              I totally understand your situation and I would feel the same as you if I were the affected customer. In this case since the store is not providing you’re the option to replace the processor, I recommend you contacting your Intel® local support or you can access the link below for Intel® Chat assistance: