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    Which old CPU to build a HTPC


      Hi Friends,


      I've got an MSI MS-7536 945GCM478 DDR2 PCIe 16x motherboard.


      I'd like to build a HTPC to watch full-HD movies, family recordings, youtube HD videos and playing Tanki Online MMO Flash Game.


      I also have a Radeon 6450 PCIe 16x 1GB HDMI VGA and a Samsung Full HD HDMI monitor


      I've found 2 great CPU's, but each of them has a little incompleteness.


      Which one would be better for my purproses?


      1. Intel Pentium 4 511 SL7E2 2.80GHz/1MB/533MHz FSB Socket 478 Prescott

      +: 64 bit (example CPU)

      +: Windows 8/8.1 x64 compatible by NX bit exists

      -: one thread in the core


      2. Mobile Intel Pentium 4 HT 538 3.2 GHz CPU Processor 1MB Socket 478 SL7NB E0

      ?: Is it a REAL s478 one or a notebook s479, what is shown az PPGA478 on Intel's page as the other notebook Socket M & Socket P CPU'S?

      +: HyperThread

      -: 32 bit

      -: Win7 x86 max


      So, which one would you use, or any other cheap, fast and "cool" alternative?


      Thanks, mache