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    Access NUC BIOS with Del key (as well as F2)


      It'd be great it Intel could add the ability to access the NUC's boot/BIOS options (in my case for the D54250WYK) to using additional keys, along with the Function keys.


      I use a Logitech DiNovo Mini keyboard with my NUC which has no Function keys. It's be great to be able to access the BIOS settings using the Del key, or bring up the boot menu using the Enter key. At the moment if I want to access the BIOS or boot from USB I have to plug in a wired keyboard.


      I know I could just get a different wireless keyboard, but in the past I've used other motherboards that have had options like press "F2 or Del for BIOS setup", "F7 or Enter for boot menu", etc.