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    DP43TF Temperature Help


      I have a DP43TF board. I recently downloaded HWMonitor to take a look at my temperatures, and I was shocked. Temperatures in degrees Celsius:


      CPU: 36 (Core2 Quad Q8200)

      Mainboard: 36

      Mainboard: 78

      ICH: 66

      GPU: 49

      HD: 31


      Ambient temperature is around 30, as I do not have air conditioning in my room.


      Don't the boldface temperatures seem awfully high? Looking at the product manual (http://download.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/dp43tf/sb/e4912304us.pdf), I realize there are at least a couple of possible hot spots. I'm guessing the higher "Mainboard" reading is for the voltage regulator area.


      Somewhere in the literature it says max temperatures are around 90C or 100C... I suppose by those standards I am fine, but really? I just am not used to these kids of temperatures. Is there a sort of recommended range of temperatures/do you think my readings are reasonable?


      I have a pretty good CPU fan, a 120mm fan sucking in the front, a 120 blowing in the back, and an 80 blowing on the side. I am considering changing the side fan so that it is sucking in, since the air it's blowing does not feel that warm at all. Maybe my machine would benefit from having cooler outside air being blown in?


      Also, HWMonitor is reporting that my front fan is running at around 700RPM, instead of its maximum speed of 1200. Is this simply because I truly am in an acceptable temperature range for this board, or is this something I should be concerned about?


      Thank you so much for your help.

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          The above figures were at idle. Temperatures changed a bit during normal use, though. For example, after doing running multiple programs at the same time, doing some video editing, and then playing a pretty computing power-intensive game, I got:


          CPU: 52 (quickly went back down to 37 after stopping everything)

          Mainboard: 39

          Mainboard: 80 (Not a huge change from 78)

          ICH: 66 (No change at all??)

          GPU: 60

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            Would somebody be kind enough to confirm that my motherboard temperatures are (or aren't) within a reasonable range for my particular board? 80C is a bit high for most boards, and I need some reassurance!

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              CPU 42

              Board 51

              ICH 87

              MCH 58


              If you have not done so already, download and install the Intel Desktop Utility software. That will confirm the range of reasonable temps.

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                Hi everybody!


                My data are next:


                CPU 38

                Board 35

                ICH 72


                I use this MB for HTPC and this temp worried me too.

                Especially I worried about South Bridge temp (this IC places under VGA board).

                I bought a 40mm fan and mounted one close to South Bridge by pigtail wire.

                Now my temperature is:


                CPU 38

                Board 35

                ICH 64

                I don't have any problems for different work modes. But I think if I "play" with voltage power temp will be decrease more.


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                  Hi all,

                  The max temps for ICH and MCH, can go up to the 90s easily without a problem, if you have a look at the technical product specification of your board form the intel website you will be able to see the max that intel say. For the Dp43TF:

                  Intel 82P43 MCH 97 oC
                  Intel 82801JIB (ICH10) 92 oC

                  There really is nothing to worry about, it's abit like CPU temps, if it gets too hot the system will soon let you know.