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    Why doesn't Intel include a tool for going smaller?


      I've got two situations where being able to easily copy only the boot partition and it's hidden partition would be very useful.


      First, I've got a Netbook I want to speed up a bit. My son gave me a 60Gb Intel 330 SSD Which is more than big enough for everything but the D: Partition. The tool provided will *NOT* allow me to ignore the D: partition. I can't hide it disable it or otherwise use the 60 GB SSD without copying the data off the partition and deleting it. And, I am *NOT* sure that will work, either. My plan was to use the originl drive as an external data drive.


      Second, I've got a desktop system that has a second drive slot and would like top move the 40GB boot partition to an SSD, expand the partition and use all of the 750Gb drive as a Data Drive. SAME Problem!


      At 62 with medical I can't afford a large SSD much less two! so why dissuade someone from buying *ANY* SSD drives at all???


      Just venting. Sure, I can buy the full blown commercial product... (Or, maybe a competitors?) For an extra, why? $100??? And, the literature still isn;t clear I can do what I am trying to do.


      Very frustrated oldster!