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    Intel Rapid Start Stops Working after over 4.2 GB of System RAM is Utilized


      This is a paraphrase of a bug I have been working on a while. I narrowed it down: I'm able to 100% reproduce the problem. I basically have to try to get Windows 8.1 system RAM usage down to below 4.2 GB utilization if I want my computer to stay in Intel Rapid Start sleep state {16 GB system RAM, 17 GB Intel Rapid Start SSD partition}.


      There is obviously a secret reason why Intel Rapid Start works this way. Neither my board manufacturer, or Intel are completely disclosing valuable valid information about this problem. Combined with very few end users take the time to correctly deploy features such as this, and, or are very inexperienced at deploying these kinds of features.


      • I don't know why this bug exists it's sort of like a 64-bit compatibility problem. I found a worked around involving tricking Intel Rapid Start to think that the SSD partition is 4.1 GB. I did that by setting the active page threshold in the Intel Rapid Start section of the BIOS to 4199 MB.
      • The computer enters normal S3 sleep state anytime the RAM utilization is over 4.1 GB.


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