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    Intel board D925XCV cannot find Hard Drive to install WinXP SP3


      Hello. I have this computer with an Intel Board D925XCV in and a MPC case. I have tried just about everything and hopefully someone has a suggestion but I am unable to to install WinXP SP3, or any other SP version for that matter. I keep getting the message that "setup did not find any hard drive installed in your computer. Setup cannot continue. This is a known good hard drive (Seagate Sata st3250310). I have tested it on another computer. Basically I hooked it up to a usb external drive and it formated loaded up and was ready for use. Now the seagate diagnostic disc did give the drive a red mark but it also give the controller a yellow mark, so I am concluding that i have a controller issue which is the reason for it's red mark. However, the Seagate disc will quick format the dirve but it will not format it completely, except it gives a message that it can only do 137 gig format. But I just tried this 750 seagate hardrive that I use for back up and it gave the same message. The BIOS recognizes the seagate drive and is showing the correct boot order. I decided to do a BIOS update which successfully updated it from CV92510A.86A.0463 to CV92510A.86A.0504 but it did not help. I have looked at various options in the BIOS but nothing. Any suggestion greatly appreciate to salvation this decent computer. thank you