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    Bluetooth speaker?


      Due to the crackling noise through the Audio out connector I intend to purchase a Bluetooth speaker (Sony SRS-X7) to listen to music from the NUC.


      Will the Bluetooth driver support this or do I have to expect trouble?


      Thank you.



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          Hello Mike, thanks for contacting us through the Intel Communities.

          Would you please let me know which the model number of your NUC is?


          I would recommend you the following if you decide to install the Bluetooth driver.

          • Check if you have installed the latest wireless driver version.
          • If it is not the latest version, please uninstall the current driver complete. Then, install the latest one.
          • Once you have installed it, you could install the Bluetooth.
          • If is necessary to install the Bluetooth driver after the installation of the wireless.



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            Hi Sylvia, thank you for your response.


            My NUC is a D54250WYKH with W7, 64-bit.


            I downloaded "Wireless_17.0.2_Ds64.exe" and "Wireless_17.0.2_s64.exe" from the downloadcenter and installed both. I don't recall in which order I did the installation.


            If I look at the properties of the Bluetooth Device (Personal Area Network) #2 under the Driver Tab, I find a driver date of 6/21/2006 and a version 6.1.7600.16385 provided by Microsoft. The other Bluetooth Device (RFCOMM Protocol TDI) #2 lists the same for the driver. IS THIS CORRECT?


            If I look at the properties of the Intel Dual Bank Wireless-AC 7260 under Network Adapters in Device Manager, I see a driver date of 4/16/2014 and a version which seems to be the newest one. Correct?


            Could you please advise what I should do now?


            thank you.



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              Mike, once you have the wireless driver installed, please download the Bluetooth driver from this link and install it