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    Problem with Wake on LAN - Cisco 3750 L3 Core ?


      Two matters you may meet:

      1.The Cisco L3 3750 switch (4 VLAN’s /interfaces–1 for each floor) – has NO access lists on it AT ALL. This new wake on lan config requires an access list to limit/the broadcasts to be from the sccm/wol server (i dont want broadcasts accross vlans other than the wol).



      2.Does UDP port sccm use for WOL broadcast?






      For the question 1:

      My concern is does an access-list not have an implicit deny (to all other traffic not listed) ? Answer: Yes it has (for directed broadcast, that is)



      For the question 2:

      Answer:I have not tryed with SCCM yet, but with Ghost we had a similar L3-switch-setup.