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    BSP 1.0.1-based SD card (full) and SPI images + firmware are available


      As per the subject. These are vanilla images, without any additional packages or alterations, just a BSP built per the Build Guide.


      The files are at http://alextgalileo.altervista.org/images/1.0.1/


      As usual, the disclaimer goes that it's not endorsed or validated by Intel (I'm doing that on my own) and you're doing everything at your risk :-) Sorry folks, I had to say that, to make sure those who don't know what they're doing maybe think twice before they burn themselves.


      The most important fix in this BSP for me personally is Heartbleed fix (not that it's overly critical for the most typical Galileo use cases, but still), other changes may be found in the Release Notes: http://downloadmirror.intel.com/23197/eng/Quark_SW_RelNotes_330232_002.pdf


      The package repo is being rebased to 1.0.1 as well.