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    No Signal Samsung T27A950 Win 8.1 Intel 4400 newest Version




      I'm having big troubles with my new computer, running Win 8.1, Intel i3 4130 and Asus B85-Plus (C2). I connected the Samsung T27A950 using a DVI-HDMI-Adapter to the DVI-OUT on the mainboard. The monitor worked fine during the whole installation. When Win 8.1 started for the first time, the screen worked for about 3min and then WIn 8.1 automatically installed the Intel Graphics driver and suddenly the screen switched off with "no signal" message. I connected a different monitor at the VGA-Port and that was, when I found out that the problem is the "Intel Driver" which causes the "no signal" message on the T27A950. When I remove the Intel driver, reboot the system, so that there is just the "Microsoft Basic Display Driver" installed, the monitor works fine, until Win 8.1 installs the Intel Driver again...


      I also tried different Intel Driver, including the beta driver. I updated the firmware of my monitor and right now, I have no idea what else can be done to fix the problem.


      Any ideas?