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    DH82Z87 - Weird memory ranges reported in Device Manager


      Hello All,

      Looking at Device Manager in Windows 7 and it shows the following -



      As you can see it show that between the memory ranges of 0xC0000000 - 0xFEAFFFFF to be the range that is forwarded onto the PCI bus, but then if I click on one of the "motherboard resources", say for example the one listed between 0xFED18000 - 0xFED18FFF, it shows -




      It shows the location for this to be on the PCI bus.


      How can this be on the PCI bus if the addresses forwarded onto the bus are between 0xC0000000 - 0xFEAFFFFF?


      Either these motherboard resources aren't on the PCI bus or the memory range 0xC0000000 - 0xFEAFFFFF is wrong. I assume Windows is getting these memory ranges from the ACPI DSDT table which is written by Intel.


      So I was just wondering if anyone could explain why it is displayed like this.


      Any help would be appreciated,