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    Help needed with D54250WYK NUC and 3D on Optoma DLP projector




      NUC D54250WYK, Core I5, 8GB RAM, 250GB SSD

      Windows 8.1, Windows Media Center, Arcsoft Total Media Theater 6.x

      Optoma HD25-SL 3D projector with attached VESA 3D emitter


      For testing purposes, I have eliminated the AV receiver from the config.  The NUC is connected DIRECTLY to the Optoma projector via HDMI to HDMI.




      When playing a 3D video (IMax 3D Oceans, and I, Frankenstein 3D), the Optoma does not receive/recognize a 3D signal, and the emitter never activates.  Video played via Arcsoft Total Media Theater 6.x.


      I have ruled out the projector and emitter because I have connected a high-end gaming PC (Core I7, 16gb ram, 1TB SSHD) with an Nvidia GTX780ti video card direct to the projector, and using Arcsoft TMT, I *do* get flawless 3D.


      It is only the NUC that I cannot configure using Intel HD Graphics 5000 to get a 3D signal.


      Any suggestions?  I've been at this for two days now with no luck.  Standard 2D 1080p video is spectacular with the NUC and Optoma, but no so with 3D.


      UPDATE (5/24):


      I also tried connecting the NUC directly to a Sony 3D monitor.  Same results... no 3D signal is being sent.  Furthermore, I downloaded PowerDVD, thinking it might have been Arcsoft's problem, but again, same problem.


      Has ANYONE successfully gotten their NUC to stream 3D to ANY 3D monitor?  My other two PC's, with lowest end video card being an HD7870, and highest being GTX780ti have no problem... what is up with the NUC?  I thought Intel HD Graphics 5000 touted support for 3D (not bluray 3d)?