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    How do I get 2560x1440 resolution over HDMI


      Computer: Lenovo Y580

      External Monitor: ASUS PB278q

      Intel Adapter: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000

      Driver Version:


      I am trying to get 2560x1440 graphics to be broadcast to my external monitor over HDMI


      When I try to create a custom resolution in the Graphics Control Panel one of three things happens.

      1. I get a message saying that the resolution I am trying to create isn't possible

      2. I create the custom resolution, however when I try to adjust it in the Screen Resolution menu Windows tells me that it can't broadcast the resolution.

      3. The resolution broadcasts, but it is terrible quality, and looks like it is vibrating.


      *Note: I had this setup previously, but I had to reinstall Windows recently, downgrading from Windows 8 to Windows 7, and now I can't get it to work, so maybe this community could help.