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    Intel Pentium G3220 (3M Cache, 3.00 GHz) Integrated Graphics for Blu-ray Quality & 3D videos?


      Just ordered a Dell Inspiron 3647 to replace my outdated HTPC and now I'm second guessing myself.

      The reviews I've found go both ways. Some say the G3220 can easily handle HD video (some even said it's overkill), but others say it's necessary to get an i3 for integrated graphics. I archive all of my DVDs and Blu-rays digitally and need to be able to play them on this machine.

      Here's a list of what I do on my HTPC:

      • Firefox for Netflix/Hulu
      • VLC for media files
      • Watch Blu-ray quality video (VLC), up to 30GB in size (6GB average)
      • Watch Blu-ray quality 3D video (Side by side, I use the 3D function on my tv to convert the side by side to 3D), large files.
      • I don't currently, but I want to run XBMC or some other HTPC software if possible.
      • No Gaming

      Many thanks to anyone who can reassure me that I'll be ok with this processor - Or to anyone who can tell me this won't work for me. I just place the order yesterday, so I should be able to cancel until the next business day.