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    Intel NUC DN2820FKYH DVI Monitor "out of range" message.


      After installing Memory and 120 GB SSD and connecting Screen and keyboard on this impressive little box I was looking forward to install Debian Linux to turn it into a little server.

      I pushed in my USB pen drive that I used for Debian installations.

      However when I switched on a unreadable message flickered on the screen.

      Since the NUC does not come with any OS installation instructions I googled and found http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/sb/CS-033935.htm:


      "This Intel NUC originally shipped from the factory with BIOS version 0015. You must first upgrade the system BIOS to version 0025 or later to successfully install an operating system."


      Say what?

      The factory setup is not able to do any useful application. This is mad. You must be joking.

      What then follows is a myriad of confusing and contradicting pages with none of them providing links.

      To begin with, you could provide a link to the download site with the message above.


      I turned back to the Monitor problem. What looked like "No Signal" from the DVI Monitor turned out to be the unreadable "out of range" message.

      Maybe the resolution of my old NEC LCD1970GX is not good enough. But I am only need a monitor to install once, then ssh to it, and all my other Hardware are MacBooks.


      What suppose to be a strait forward and enjoyable experience turned out to be an horrific nightmare.

      Any suggestions on how to fix DVI "out of range" ?





      P.S: You should look to Apple how to provide a good user experience. They know how to do it.

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          Mike, this NUC comes with HDMI output only. Have you tried using another adapter or cable?


          You could also try using a different monitor. We have seen this behavior recently, but it is because the HDMI monitor does not support a resolution of

          1024x768. You won’t be able to access the BIOS or have video when using that resolution.

          The cable is very important, so is you are able to find an HDMI cable make sure is 1.3. or 1.4a.


          Also, make sure you have selected DVI on the monitor.

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            I agree with your "good user experience" statement.  In over 10 years of building systems, I've never run into a system that was as fussy as the NUC.  Mine is mostly running as it should, but there's still more to be desired. 


            I ran into the same issue you have, but my NUC is a D54250WYK.  The solution was odd.  Initially, I ran the following chain of MiniHDMI to HDMI adapter > HDMI cable > HDMI to DVI adapter > DVI Input, leading to the "out of range" issue. 


            The following combinations "solved" the problem:

            1) MiniHDMI to HDMI adapter > HDMI to DVI adapter > DVI cable > DVI Input

            2) MiniHDMI to HDMI adapter > HDMI to DVI adapter/cable (all in one) > DVI Input


            I'm awaiting an all-in-one miniHDMI > DVI adapter/cable to hopefully solve an unrelated pesky issue (https://communities.intel.com/thread/51866

            ).  I'm fairly certain this type of cable will solve your particular issue.

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              Hello Silvia,

              After trying a few more DVI monitors I finally succeeded to circumvent the problem with my HDMI Monitor at work.

              Just one little glitch:  when I upgraded to Bios version  034  and the dialog appeared asking "Do you want to upgrade to BIOS version ... now " the system froze.

              After 10 min I  reset the system and luckily  everything was still working.

              In a second attempt the bios upgrade work well. 

              Now the fun part of installing Debian comes.