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    Intel Celeron J1900 HD Graphics on Windows 7 32bit


      Hey Guys,


      I recently received a machine (Acer XC-603) with a J1900 Celeron processor on and HD Graphics and installed Windows 7 32bit after updating the bios.


      I have run into a problem though, in that strangely enough, this seems to be the ONLY combination that results in no drivers being available. There are Windows 7 64bit, Windows 8 32 and 64 bit, it even has Windows XP.... but not Windows 7 32bit, and no matter how many different drivers I try, it wont let me install.


      Are there plans to include Windows 7 32bit into these drivers, or are there generic alternatives I can use because I can't run my widescreen monitor properly due to incorrect aspect ratios and I can't force unsupported in settings (item is greyed out).


      Very frustrating. Hope there is some good news.


      Thanks guys



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          Hey - an update for anyone else in my situation.


          I ended up downloading the current Iris drivers as a ZIP file. I then went to System and Display Adaptors where I could see only the Standard VGA Adaptor Driver.


          I went to properties, went to update drivers. Then I chose manual update.


          There I clicked "choose from local file" (or something to that effect) and directed it to the unzipped folder of graphics drivers where it found a file it could read. Then from the selection, i chose INTEL HD GRAPHICS FAMILLY


          Big risk I know, but it installed and the computer has reloaded with no issue, the graphics are vastly improved and i can run games, any resolution etc - display score went from 1.0 to 4.8


          Hope this helps someone else. I'm very glad it finally worked for me