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    D54250WYK intel ME


      does intel nuc D54250WYK support Intel Management Engine, I don't see the Intel ME tab in BIOS 1

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          Hi inturi,


          Let me help you with this.


          This NUC does support Intel® Management Engine but there is no Tab at the BIOS level.


          This driver will help the chipset driver recognize all components in the motherboard to have the correct functionality. If this driver is not installed you may see an error on a "PCI Simple Communications Controller" in Device Manager.

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            Hi Kevin,


               thanks for your info, I have installed the Intel ME driver downloaded from intel site and in device manager if I go under system devices I can see "Intel(R) Management Engine Interface". Does this mean all the necessary drivers are installed and the feature is ready to use, if so how do I configure and use the feature. if you can send me any document.

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              Hi Kevin,


                 having Intel ME drivers installed mean I can use Intel AMT and vpro features to manage the system remotely.

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                Part of the requirements to use these technologies is to have the ME installed but it also depends on the motherboard and if it supports vPro and AMT.


                Checking the NUC specs, it supports AMT but the processor does not support vPro which leads to not supporting the remote connections.

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                  Thanks Kevin, we are also waiting for the Broadwell, hoping that it will support vpro.