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    Graphics driver update problem


      HI guys I need urgent help,

      I am trying to update my intel hd graphics driver by downloading the latest driver for my chipset from the intel download center.

      But whenever I try to install them it gives an error stating :"Setup has failed to install one or more device drivers. Setup will exit."

      I have to quit installation after that and I feel bewildered.

      Please help soon.

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          Intello, I am sorry to hear that you are having issues installing the driver.

          In order to provide you additional information it will be necessary to know the following system data:


          • Processor / graphics model number
          • Motherboard model number:
          • Operating system:
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            Hey Sylvia,

            Thanks a lot for paying heed to me and be relieved from my burden because my problem was solved.

            I just risked uninstalling my current driver with version

            It was just like sitting on a frying pan when I restarted my PC{my life} after the uninstallation.

            And just while opening the setup for the latest version of the drivers i.e. a dialog box appeared and prompted me to restart my PC to let the effects take place and I did the same.

            When my PC, I got my graphics back and when I checked the version of the drivers it was 2993, I couldn't understand how did this happen but I can't estimate the amount of happiness that was propagating through me in those moments.Probably the most happiest moments of my life.

            Anyways thanks a lot for checking out, God bless you and may you rock in the same way for the rest of your life.

            And please don't mistake me as an old man I am just 23!

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              I'm so glad to know that your system is back and running. Thanks alot for your blessings Intello.