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    Locked discussion thread




      Why my message was locked (limited visibility)? Did I do something wrong?


      The message:







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          Hi Timo,

          Sorry about any trouble you had with your question. I'm not sure about before, but the thread appears to be unlocked now. Some new posts go to moderation in order to avoid spam posts. Maybe that is what happened. 


          The question was not posted in any of the forums, so most people would not see it. So, I moved it to Graphics where you have a better chance of getting an answer.


          Welcome to the Intel Support Communities.


          Mark Hanna

          Support Community Manager

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            Hi Mark,


            Yes, I thought about the moderation, but, after posting, I checked that the message was visible in the content listing. Later, next day, I checked again and it was not anywhere to be found. So I was not sure what happened. But it is there now.


            And thanks for helping and moving it. It was my first post and I'm at the beginning of my learning curve.