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    LED Display Shield


      As part of my on going research project with Galileo I have designed a LED Display shield for Galileo.

      In theory it should work with Arduino Uno too, since it only uses standard Ardunio pins. It uses SPI for control, so should be controllable from Arduino sketches too. However I will be driving it from native linux 'C' programs. A jumper on board allows you to select whether it draws power from the 5V header pin or from an external supply with on-board regulation.


      It has 176 LEDs on board, arranged as 22 x 8.

      Screen Shot 2014-05-23 at 12.04.30.png


      It uses the MAX7221 LED Driver chips, which are SPI compatible.

      My purpose here is to build a few of these and have them controlled over WiFi with scrolling text, bitmaps etc. Each LED is individually addressable and I should be able to achieve refresh rates of up to 50fps or maybe even higher. It only takes 24 Bytes of ram to bitmap each individual LED.


      The board files have been sent to my favourite PCB manufacturer (Eurocircuits) and should be with me by the end of next week.