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    DH77KC - Network card problems in Windows 8 [8.1]


      I've a DH77KC Intel motherboard. I more than often have to restart my PC or going into the control panel, system and device manager to force windows to scan for hardware changes and then only will the network card connect. According to the windows error for the card, it says this device failed to start up? I un-installed the driver that installs as default when windows is being setup for the first time and installed the latest driver [LAN_Win8.1_64_PROWin_19.1] for the card.


      But windows seems not to be using the updated driver from the Intel site and reverts back to using the 2013 driver version: Is there any way I can force windows to use the updated driver, will this solve the problem? Is this a physical fault on the board perhaps? I've tried two new routers [TP-Link & Netgear], thinking that they could be the cause, but to no avail. I do not get the same problem with windows 7 when I installed and tested to see if I faced with the same problem.


      Thank you so much in advance for any assistance.