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    i5 3570 Fan Curve


      Hey guys, I quite often play Diablo 3 and Runescape at the same time. When doing this my CPU tends to go up to 55-65 C. Is this reasonable or should I be adjusting my fans so that it doesnt get so high?

      I have 3 fans I can control. CPU fan, a high air flow intake fan in the front, and an exhaust fan out the back. I also have two additional fans that always run(one side intake, and a top exhaust fan).


      Would anybody be able to tell me if this is a safe temp to run at, or if it is not be able to give me a fan curve so that it will stay at a same temp?

      Right now I have this:

      Side Intake, always running on low

      Top Exhaust always running on low

      CPU fan. Set to run at 35% @ 35C, 45%@45C, etc, until 70%@65C. If the temp should rise past that it kicks in to 100% at 70C

      Rear exhaust fan: 60% @ 30C, gradually increases where it hits 100% at 70C.

      Front intake fan(high air flow): 40% @ 30C, increases to 60% at 60C. After 60C drastic increase until it hits 100% @ 70C.

      Case is Cool Master Elite 370.


      NOTE: The Rear Exhause, and CPU are the standard settings according to Asus Fan Xpert+. The front intake is a custom that I made.


      Hopefully I provided enough information.


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          The TCase temperature for the Intel® Core™ i5-3570 Processor is listed as 67.4 °C. The TCase is a point of reference in order to understand what could be expected as per normal processor temperature.


          Anything from the Tcase and below will be the expected temperature of the processor in normal use, anything that doesn't stress out the processor (watching movies, burning CDs, browsing the internet, creating documents, etc.) When the processor is stressed out, meaning that you are running heavy processor applications that take control of the CPU, the temperature can go beyond the Tcase. The cooling fan is in charge to keep that temperature there.


          In your case it is barely reaching TCase, which is good.