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    D54250WYK1 Sound hookup


      I just purchased this unit and am quite happy with it except for the fact I don't have any sound.


      I have a 2.1 PC speaker system that hooks up by a 3.5 mm plug but of course that isn't an option for this by default.


      What would be the best setup to get sound working?



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          Hi hoagieh,


          What operating system are you using?  That will help determine why you're not getting sound.  If you're using Linux you will need to specify which sound device to use as some Linux distros default to HDMI.  The same is true for XBMC if you're running that.  You'll need to change the settings to analog.


          If you're running Windows, assuming you've got everything in the BIOS set, you'll want to install the correct drivers.  You have 2 drivers for audio, 1 for HDMI audio and 1 for analog.


          I hope this helps.



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