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    gts260 oc reeboots system please help


      HI Can someone please help ?

      when I install my 260 my computer boots up is stable for 2-3 seconds and the reboots. i have taken it to several so called experts and they are all blaming each other

      system quad core processor e6600

      motherboard intel dg41rq (just installed)

      2 x 2g kingston ddr2 ram (new)

      550w superflower psu 38a (new)

      500g hard drive (new)

      gigabyte 260 oc (new)

      ram ,hard drive, psu, 260 oc all tested by so called pros all passed ok they just dont work together

      is there any known conflict issues between them

      system works fine with my old 8600 in it?