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    Problem: No HDMI Output on Intel HD4600 with LG Monitor




      My configuration:


      Windows 8.1 Prof. 64 Bit

      Mainboard Asrock H87M Pro4

      CPU / Grafic:  Intel i5-4670 / integrated HD4600

      1 19" 5:4 Monitor Hanns-G at HDMI output (HDMI to DVI Cable)

      1 19" 5:4 Monitor Hanns-G at DVI output (DVI to DVI Cable)


      This works fine.

      The PC was built and installed from the scratch - so no other interfering drivers had been installed.


      Now I bought 2 LG Monitors (LG 24EB23) (1200*1980):


      When the LG monitors are connected (with the same cables), there is no output at the HDMI port.

      When replacing the the LG Monitor, that is connected to the HDMI-port, back to my old Hanns-G, then the port works fine again.


      I updated to the latest Intel Graphics Driver (, with no success.


      Is there any Chance to use both of my new monitors with my new PC?


      In the device-manager of windows there is no monitor recognized at the HDMI-output, if the LG is connected to it.

      When my Hanns-G is connected to the HDMI output, the device manager shows a "PnP-Monitor (Standard)".

      The LG monitor connected to the DVI port is shown correctly as "LG24EB23 (Digital)" in the device manager.


      As far as I remember, with Windows XP both Hanns-G monitors were recognized with their name (via VGA and DVI on an ATI graphic Card.).


      Is it possible, that the Intel driver has problems to recognize monitors and switches off any signal, if it doesn't recognize any?


      Appreciate any help,

      thank you.




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          Hello tobias.x,


          I am sorry to hear you are having problems with this but let me help you.


          At this we have not received feedback about this from other customers but it is very important for us to have all this information.

          There are some troubleshooting steps I would like you to try based on your description. Please try this:

          1. Update the BIOS in your system to the latest version available at the Computer Manufacture site.
          2. Try using single monitor configuration with a direct connection (no adapters).
          3. Try installing the monitor drivers that came in the monitor box.


          Doing this steps can help us diagnosing the system, It is important to say that when doing these steps, if you have a video card connected may be necessary to disconnect it from the board.

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            Hello Kevin,


            thank you for your response:


            I followed all your steps:


            1. Checked the BIOS Version from Asrock - it is still the most recent one

            2. I tried a single monitor connection with hdmi to dvi : this doesn-t work, too - no signal

            3. LG does not provide any drivers, just a software for pivot modus. BTW: It doesn't matter, if this software is installed or not - the LG monitor connected to the HDMI port does not work.

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              Hello tobias.x,


              We have received many reports from customers having problems with HDMI connections. This may be one of those and this issue has been fixed by installing the latest BIOS update developed by the Computer Manufacture.


              If you have tried a different monitor means there is a compatibility issue between the components.

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                Hello Kevin,


                it is obivious, that there is a compatibility issue between the Intel driver and my monitor - and I would like Intel to solve this.


                To remember:

                My new monitors with DVI to DVI cable at Intel 4600 outputs work fine,

                My old Hanns-G Monitors with HDMI to DVI cable work fine at the Intel outputs,
                My new Monitors with HDMI to DVI cable at my very old PC (AMD) work excellent, too.


                Only on Intel the HDMI to DVI does not work with my new monitor.



                Now, additional:

                In my office now there is a similiar problem:

                I replaced some AMD PCs with new Intel ones (same HD4600 graphic). The Monitors are Hanns-G monitors, but older than that of my home. They are connected  with DVI to DVI cable. AND: not recognizes by Intel Driver. No Output. While booting, everything is fine, when the logon screen should appear, the Monitor becomes black and shows "no signal".


                Obviously this is a compatibility problem, too.

                But: Why do Intel drivers not support so many Monitors ? Is it because of all that DRM-Crap?

                But why should i replace monitors only because Intel drivers are so bad?


                These have been the first PCs with an Intel processor in my life and all my next ones will be AMD again, where everything works fine from the beginning. I'm tired with this crap.

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                  Hi Norman,


                  thank you for your link to an adapter from ebay.


                  But I wonder, what this would make different, because it does not contain any electronics. So it's in my opinion the same as my HDMI to DVI cable, where all pins are connected through.


                  Maybe I'll give this adapter a try, but I'm not really convinced that it will solve the problem - especially because my old Hanns-G monitors work fine with the same HDMI to DVI cable...

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                    Something interesting happend at my home with the LG-monitors:


                    I wanted to do a second check, that my LG monitor works fine with my very old Radeon X1200 onboard graphics. (it works perfectly).

                    To do that, I changed the plug into my old monitor.


                    I did not turn off my new PC.


                    When finished testing with my old PC, i simply put back the HDMI plug into the new PC AND:

                    Now the LG monitor works with the HDMI to DVI cable!


                    Hope that this will keep functioning.


                    Now there is the problem with my old monitors in my office left, that don't work with DVI to DVI cables anymore with the Intel graphic driver.


                    Why do Intel drivers make so much trouble???

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                      I am sorry to hear you are still having problems.

                      All this feedback has been sent to the corresponding department. It is strange that after doing what you did it works but that good.


                      We always recommend using direct connections (HDMI-HDMI cables or DVI-DVI)so can you try with a different cable maybe?