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    DX58SO CPU FANS shutoff at Desktop


      Hi all,

      I have a Scythe Mugen 2 and DX58SO with two fans  (Push-Pull method)


      I finally received my board yesterday after RMA 3 weeks ago and began installing OS and updates.


      I noticed after a couple updates, my CPU fans would spin at a lower RPM or stop spinning at all.


      This could cause real problems if it decides to stop when inside the case where I can't see it.


      So, I put one of my fans on in my house and just direct it at my HSF while the rest of the updates install. After installation, I boot up into the BIOS and notice that there are settings under the "Boot" sector. I set that the CPU and Case fans should not be 'optimized' for acoustics and that the 'Slow' option should be disabled.


      I thought this would fix things since it was going at 100% until the Desktop booted up.


      BTW, I have most updates installed including SP1. Will do SP2 today. I have not updated the BIOS either. Will do that after SP2.


      Does anyone know how to fix this?