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    Centrino N 2200 (Lenovo X230) connection dropping after sleep mode


      Hi, all. I have had an enormously frustrating experience with the Centrino N 2200. I have a Lenovo X230 and am running Windows 7 Pro.


      The problem:

      My WiFi connection drops when the computer returns from sleep mode and my general WiFi range is horrible. Any time the computer returns from sleep, I have to manually re-connect using Fn + F5. This is very time-consuming and frustrating. Moreover, the WiFi range is terrible. My desk is no more than 30 feet from the router and the wireless connection often drops. We have a Motorola Arris DG860 modem and router.


      What I've done:

      I've updated all drivers, uninstalled and reinstalled Lenovo's Access Connections, and changed my power settings to max (among many other potential software fixes). Nothing seems to help. Also "Allow the computer to turn off device ..." is NOT checked. "Allow this device to wake the computer" is grayed-out and not an option. Also, per other posts, 802.11n mode is disabled, Roaming Aggressiveness is set to lowest, Transmit Power is 5. highest, and wireless mode is 3. 802.11b/g. My laptop also has two Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapters. I have tried multiple times to uninstall these (per suggestions in another thread) and they keep coming back.


      At any rate, I am at my wit's end with this network card (and laptop, in general) but I am hesitant to do any replacement work myself.


      If anyone can help I'd be really grateful.