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    DQ45CB power on issue

      I have a DQ45CB board that, when I plug the power cord into the power supply the computer turns on, stays on for about 30 sec and then powers off and won't turn on again at all. All of the components are verified good and compatible. Tried a known good power supply and it does the same thing. Same power supply in different computer, and it doesn't power the computer on as stated before, so I know it's isolated to this board. Board does not throw any beep codes during the initial plug in power up, but the AMT lite blinks.


      Thanks for the help in advance


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          I am having the exact same problem.  Anyone from Intel know what might be the problem?  I have swapped out memory modules, do not have anything else plugged in to isolate the problem, yet it won't stay on after about 30 seconds.

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            Javed Lodhi

            Hi Ray,

            Can you access your BIOS in the meantime and check for the logs. I suspect you might be experiencing a thermal shutdown which occurs due to heat dissipation problem of CPU if the heatsink is not properly seated or the thermal solution between heatsink and CPU is not properly applied or is dried.

            Waiting for your response.


            Warm Regards,

            Javed Lodhi

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              I have the same problem.  Blinking AMT LED, no POST.  I can not go into the BIOS as I can't get video or a POST at all.

              I have tried pulling the battery / moving the jumper to clear the CMOS, no luck.

              On a side note, if you had the code entry box a different shade of white, it would be easier to find to allow me to make a post to this discussion thread.

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                I'm also have same problem. CPU, RAM, PSU is good and compatibility ones. Please advise why AMT LED blinking then power's off, no POST output?

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                  remove all items from pci slots, includes pci express and video


                  does the problem go away?


                  if yes, like it has for me with 20 other systems it is a bug on the boards, and manyother matx type intel direct motherboards, intel needs to fix it, i am not sure if a latest bios would correct it or not, most of my users are on battery ups and leave it on all the time so it is no big deal.


                  i do remember that anything in the bottoms slots would cause this issue, plug in cards.


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                    I have exactly the same problem with a TAGAN 430W psu using the onboard graphics and nothing in the slots.

                    The board starts from time to time and goes off or asleep again.

                    Another strange thing is that it also starts and goes off when I just plug in the line voltage.

                    I built this pc for my sleeping room, unusable now, it is very annoying and I am disappointed.

                    Hope they get it fixed some day.

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                      I have exactly the same problem with a TAGAN 430W psu and no cards in any slot. .

                      When I connect line power the system starts and then goes off.

                      When I shut down windows or go to S3 the system switches on and off from time to time.

                      The red led is blinking for some time when shutting down.

                      I built this PC for my sleeping room, the bios is the latest 0125, very annoying.

                      Hope you get it fixed soon.