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    NUC project development for education in Ecuador



      My name is Diego Soria, I´m trying to manufacture mini-pcs like Intel NUC (http://www.anandtech.com/show/7566/intels-haswell-nuc-d54250wyk-ucff-pc-review) but with a lower CPU to make a budget PC. This is intended to be a incentive for education in Ecuador. The design of the case is almost done, now I need to design motherboard for it and produce it locally so costs will be dropped. This will a very good project specially for the future of Ecuador.

      The reason I don´t import the finished board is because tariffs and quotas for importing are a barrier. I would have to pay over 40% in tariffs, so that will end-up with a high price product.

      I have tried to contact Intel to obtain help but I´ve had no luck. I need the schematics and files of the D54250WYB

      motherboard so I can modify some things I need to change like CPU as I told you before. In Ecuador we have a SMT factory capable of producing the motherboards, but without schemes and files I won´t be able to continue.

      I have redesigned the NUC by adding cd/dvd slot, this means that the unit is bigger in dimensions (actually it is 13.5 cm X 13.5 cm X 6.5 cm), the components of the original NUC are still the same becuase those are fundamental except for the IR receiver. With the motherboard GERBER FILE, BOM (Bill of material) and schemes I could change the board to adapt it to my needs.

      Hope I can get some help,

      Thank you in advance