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    Where is a working driver for Intel HD 4600 graphics?


      I have an Intel Haswell i5-4570 CPU which I understand has integrated Intel HD 4600 graphics.


      My monitor is Dell U2312HM and I use Microsoft Windows 8.1


      I downloaded the driver (filename: win64_153318.exe, version from Download Center and installed it and rebooted my machine.


      The graphics were displayed properly on my monitor. However.....about 10 minutes into using my computer, the monitor just went blank. I had to reboot my machine in Safe Mode and remove the said driver. Only then my monitor is able to display graphics.


      Under Device Manager, my display adapter currently shows Microsoft Basic Display Adapter while under Monitor, the name is Generic PnP monitor.


      While I was using Windows Update, I noticed that Microsoft offers a piece of Dell software and an Intel Graphics software. I downloaded and installed them. The result was the same: blank screen after about 10 minutes of normal display. Again I had to go into Safe Mode to remove the two installed drivers. I blacklisted the two drivers from appearing again under Windows Update.


      In summary here is my question: Where can I find a working driver for Intel HD 4600 graphics?